Event Details

Make Your Dad A Special Gift

DIY Camera Film Box

Date & Time
13th June 2020, 9pm

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Materials To Prepare
Recycle Instax Mini Film Box, Card Board, Washi Tape, White Glue & Glue Gun, Twine, Scissors, Ruler and Blade

How To:
1. Cut out petals and buds of the flower according to the sizes that we will be tracing on with pencil.
2. Use hot glue gun / strong adhesive glue to glue the buds and petals together, joining them into the Floral Wire. (* You may use crepe paper and colour paper)
3. Trace and cut out the shape of the leaves and attach it on the Floral Wire
4. Wrap the stem of the flower using floral tape (Optional)
5. Pick up the rest of the flowers and plan out the composition to paste on.
6. When you got the right composition, then we can start sticking it using hot glue gun to the frame.