Event Details

Lifestyle Photography Workshop

Taking Storytelling Angles through Photos and Prints

Date & Time
29th August 2021, 3pm


Materials To Prepare
Smartphone, instax camera/printer if you have

How To
How to set up a photogenic lifestyle space at home?

Find out what’s your style? (Vibrant, Minimalist, Quirky & etc)
How to find the right space + lighting?
What’s the colour represent you the best?
Incorporate personality into the shots.
Inspirations and relatable items that bring out the story of the take.

Ambient, Lighting & Composition

Props that can be used to enhance the story.
What will be the best time for shooting?
What setting & features can be use in our smartphone / instax camera to achieve composition that tell a story in your photos?

The Cameras, Printers & Equipments

Will be showing the cameras, phone & printers that we usually use
How and when we usually use them, especially during different occasion & moments capturing.
How to incoporate them into day to day life either for leisure, business or creations to channel stories to your viewers.

How to choose, edit to enhance the story of the photos

How to choose the right photo layout for the right print? How and where do we edit our photos?
What are the final steps to pull a great lifestyle photo together.

*By joining this workshop, you will be in the running to win an Instax Mini 9 camera and more special gifts!