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Have You Ever Wondered How Calligraphy Can Relate With instax?

Lettering Calligraphy with Instax

Date & Time
8th August 2020, 3pm

@instaxclub FB Live

Materials To Prepare
Instax film (printed), Printable Worksheet (Travel Quotes),
Journal Book, Blank Paper Card,
Pentel Brush Sign Pen, Scissors, Glue, Floral Stickers.

How To:
1. Print out the free printable worksheet online and lettering on it by using Pentel Brush Sign Pen.
(in point form) Sharing Tips for lettering: Light pressure on Upstrokes; Heavier pressure on Downstrokes
(in point form) Please refer to the beginner lettering videos, download the file and learn it now!!!
(in point form) You may watch more lettering video tutorials on @paperink.my Instagram!
2. Tape the instax film to your journal/ photo frame by using the washi tape.
3. Cut out the lettering in the printable worksheet and paste it to the journal / photo frame.
4. You may add some decorations on the blank space like adding floral stickers/ washi tapes.
5. instax film lettering journal / paper card is done! You may keep it in a journal/ photo frame for decoration/ a gift to your friends!