Event Details

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

Zig Zag Instax Album

Date & Time
9th May 2020, 3pm

@instaxclub IG Live

Materials To Prepare
Instax Mini Films (optional), Paper / Card, Color Pen / Marker, Washi Tape, Dry Flower and Colour Paper / Magazines

How To:
1. Printing out a few instax
2. Measure and cut out the zig zag card
3. Folding them into shape
4. Creating the back ground either with colour spray, magazines cut out or painted prints.
5. Pasting in the instax with washi tapes
6. Leaving a few page empty to write in thoughts and messages to mum
7. Some add on in detail / botanical drawings
8. Putting in some final touch with stamps or embellishment
9. Complete it by putting it inside a box that I prepare with other gifts for my mum.