Event Details

Instax Mother’s Day Resin Flower Frame

Resin Frame

Date & Time
8th May 2021, 9pm

@instaxclub IG Live

Materials To Prepare
Printed Square Film, Epoxy Resin, Cube Square Resin Mould, Silicon Measuring Cup, Digital Weighing Machine, Dried Flower, Gold/ Silver foil

How To:
1. Cut out dried flowers and add in embellishment you want to put in.
2. Measure the epoxy solution and hardening glue solution 3:1 ratio into the measuring cup
3. Mixed them and pour half mixture into the cube resin mould.
4. Then put in the printed instax square photo on top of the mixture, then add in the dried flowers/ embellishment on top.
5. The other half of the mixture, put in the gold / silver foil and mixed them well.
6. Pour the last half on the solutions inside the square resin mould and use a ice cream stick to position all the things in the frame.
7. We are all done and settle, make sure to put the resin mould in a flat surface to set. It takes 24 hours to have a complete dry frame that you can then put in on top of a easel, frame or you can even put a magnet 🧲 behind to place this on fridge.