Event Details

Home with Instax

Flower Pressed Instax Frame & Shadow Box

Date & Time
18th September 2021, 9pm

@instaxclub IG Live

Materials To Prepare
Instax Square Printed Photo, 3D Photo Frame, A thick book (for flower pressing), Flowers, Scissors & Double Sided Tape, Fairy Lights

How To
1. Pressed flower process. (Will show what type of flowers are suitable for pressing. And how to do a simple slower pressing method)
2. Choose a frame size, photo frame must be frame with depth to create a shadow box
3. Visualise what is the story or mode that you want to share in this shadow box.
4. Pick up the dried flowers, papers, stickers, or items that will enhance your moments.
5. Arrange them before pasting them into the frame using double sided tape.
6. After pasting the instax photos, dried flowers, and other elements, put in the fairy lights to light up the shadow box.
7. That will be a perfect gift for that someone special ♥️