Event Details

Holly Jolly Christmas with instax 2021

DIY Clay Photo Holder

Date & Time
18th December 2021, 9pm

@instaxclub IG Live

Materials To Prepare

Air dry clay, wire, sculpting tools, paint/marker, satin glaze (for glossy finishing), roller (optional), a cup of water

How To

1. Prepare the air dry clay, make sure it’s moist and ready to be molded.
2. Have an idea of which design of the photo holder you are choosing to create.
3. Plan out the structure part by part.
4. Slowly combine every part of the structure together using a clay sculpted tool.
5. Airclay will need at least 24-36 hours for drying.
6. Once fully dried, we can start painting the details using acrylic paint.
7. After done painting, applying the final layer of the photo holder with satin glaze or mod podge.
8. All complete and ready to place them in a place that reminds you some beautiful moments with Instax 💛