Event Details

Bring Your Heart Together with Instax : Perfect Valentine’s Gift Tips

Gift Card, Gift box and Wall deco!

Date & Time
6th Febuary 2021, 9pm

@instaxclub FB Live

Materials To Prepare
Kraft Card, 2-3 printed Instax Square Film, stickers, washi tapes, dried flowers, used book/magazines, writing & pasting materials and ribbons.

How To:
1. Find a card or a gift you want to give to your Valentine.
2. Plan your layout with a mix and match of patterns before you begin pasting.
3. Use old story books, vintage stickers, words and pictures in magazines that will add a romantic love letter feel.
4. Plan the photos you would like to print out or even choose a love poem online to print on your instax printer.
5. Once the pattern has been laid out, you can start putting everything together. To make it a more thoughtful gift, you may write a personalised message with your gifts too.